About us

Holiday Treasures was formed to provide a personalised holiday experience. Today there are so many different and often confusing ways to choose your holiday. Modern media bombards you with ideas and images of exotic destinations and the world really appears to be getting smaller!

We all have our dream holiday and we can all imagine that private dinner on a secluded beach, watching the sunset over the pyramids, swimming with dolphins or wherever your imagination can take you. Holiday Treasures are here to turn your dreams into holidays. We use a very special technique to ensure the perfect holiday, its called 'Listening'

We know how frustrating holiday websites can be! click this flight, add this tax, choose this hotel, and finally after hours of clicking you need a holiday just to get over the experience. We love questions, we want you to dream and we want to help you make those dreams come true. We have a worldwide network of agents and guides ready and waiting. We offer impartial and good old fashioned advice.

Planning your holiday should be fun and enjoyable!